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KSC HEALTH ERGONOMICS LTD is pleased to introduce their new support line - BackChat.

The helpline has been created to help those who suffer with muscular and spinal pain caused by their job. The helpline is available for staff to contact via email during working hours, from which a member of KSC's qualified team will call and talk through a solution to their problem.

Prompt access to professional advice can contribute to earlier recovery time, and in some cases, prevent long term pain and costly sickness absence.

Can you afford NOT to keep your staff healthy?

Example of how Occupational Physiotherapy Direct works:
• Employee has back pain – possibly takes sickness absence
• Company emails referral to Help Line
• Chartered Occupational Physiotherapist carries out a telephone assessment
• Individual management advice and exercises given to the employee
• Workplace management and advice given to employee and to the company
• Referral to local physiotherapist if required
• Sickness absence is avoided or significantly reduced


Musculoskeletal disorders are one of the most common causes of sickness absence.

80% of the population suffers from back pain at some point in their life.

Mean number of days lost per employee with a back problem 18.9 days in a 12 month period.

The cost to industry in lost production related to back pain is estimated to be at least £5.1 billion per annum.

HSE Epidemiology and Medical Statistics Unit 2005


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