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A 36 year old Community Care Worker injured her back at work.  She took sick leave and had no treatment apart from pain killers and GP advice.  She was off work for 5 months and very worried about returning to care work. 4 years later she had another episode of back pain and was referred to physiotherapy within a week and given an exercise programme to strengthen her core back muscles. 

She was only off for a further 3 weeks and the back fitness test gave her confidence to return to work, with her employer allowing her to work mornings only, initially for 2 weeks. Later, she was taught to do an abdominal brace and use the power position for her back as well as an on-going back exercise programme.

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A 40 year old female Office Worker suffered from a chronic back problem that was aggravated by sitting at work.  She was referred by her employer to the Occupational Physiotherapy Direct help line and had a telephone assessment with an Occupational Physiotherapist. 

She was given advice and a  course of exercises, her company was given advice regarding the type of chair she should be using.  She has been symptom free for several months and the feedback she gave 3 months after the assessment was, “I found the exercises interesting and the most useful piece of advice was getting up after 50 minutes sat in front of the vdu and stretching back was amazingly useful. After suffering backache for months it is well on the way to normality again. Thank you very much.”

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A 28 year old Graphic Designer had wrist and hand pain. He was refered by his company for Occupational physiotherapy. This included a workplace assessment that identified that he had his chair too low, he was stretching to use his mouse and had his wrist bent up whilst using the mouse.

After making changes to his working posture and working practices, plus a course of Physiotherapy treatment, he is now symptom free.

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